The Diverse Styles Of Moonstar

Moonstar has been bringing multiple gorgeous sets to Fashion Dazzle every month. This month is no exception. Today I’ll be showing off three of the sets you can find for December!

Splendour Gown Set

The Splendour Gown set comes with a gown, heels, and bento gloves.

I love the cut of the gown. When putting it on I was afraid it may gap weird when walking but it actually looks really nice! The slit is high yet still covers everything below the waist modestly. On the top it is a sexy level of revealing without exposing the nipples.

The gloves are possibly my favorite part. Why? They’re bento enabled! This means you don’t need bento hands if you want to wiggle those fingers. Just grab these beautiful gloves and show off your detailed movements.

The heels are a great addition to the set. While they look lovely with this gown I think they’d also be perfect for other outfits as well. Moonstar is good at making products great for mix & matching.

The Splendour Gown Set is for sale for L$180 at the Moonstar booth at Fashion Dazzle. The gown comes in sizes for Maitreya, eBody, Belleza, Ocacin, Slink, TMP, Tonic, Standard Fitmesh (5), and Classic avatars. The bento gloves come in Slink, Maitreya, and standard Fitmesh. The shoes are made for Belleza, Maitreya, and Slink bodies.

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Snowflakes In The Stairwell

Are you the type of person who likes to celebrate the holidays with a more subtle flair? Emerald Couture and Shoe-Ddiction have teamed up to make a full outfit just for you.

The Krista Set

Emerald Couture‘s Krista Dress looks like a regular casual print at first, however upon looking more closely you’ll see little snowflakes! What I really love about this outfit, though, is the little corset lacing on the tops of the sleeves. The dress fits my Maitreya body beautifully regardless of my pose.

The Krista Jewelry matches the dress, too! Included are earrings and a necklace to go with the outfit. Both are lovely golden snowflakes. And the cutest part? Each big snowflake has a tiny snowflake inside!

The dress is L$199 and comes in sizes for Slink, Belleza, Maitreya, and 5 standard fitmesh sizes. The jewelry set is L$125 and is one size fits all. Both are available at the Emerald Couture booth at Fashion Dazzle.

Shoe-Ddiction created the heels for this outfit. The Krista shoes are available in gold. They tie off in a neat bow at the back of the thigh, matching the lacing on the dress. They really pull the outfit together nicely.

The Krista Shoes are available at the Shoe-Ddiction booth at Fashion Dazzle for L$150. They come in sizes for Maitreya, Slink, and Belleza.

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Free Dove Friday: December 8, 2017

Since discovering The Free Dove, I’ve decided to showcase one look a week with items from the store. Welcome to Free Dove Friday!

This week showcases a dress from WellMade.

Fast Facts On The Brand

  1. WellMade
    • The in world store offers a variety of clothing styles as well as Lucky Letter boards, Midnight Mania, and lounge areas.
    • Focuses on products for women.
    • Over 500 products at the Marketplace store.

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Be The Star Of The Party

Are you a fan of the decorated trees during the holiday season? If so you might enjoy this lovely dress from G Sloane.

The Holiday Star

One of my favorite things about this dress is that it looks lovely multiple ways. While it doesn’t seem it at first, the dress actually can be worn more ways than initially pictured. The dress, bow, and flounce (the flared part at the bottom) are all separate pieces. This mean you can wear the dress with or without the bow and the flounce.

Holiday Star is lovely for any formal holiday parties you may be attending. It fits Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, and TMP bodies. It’s available for L$189 at the G Sloane booth along with various other outfits and jewelry.


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Celebrate The Holidays With Signature Dove!

Special Designer: Po^Z

Po^Z created two couples poses for Fashion Dazzle this month. Both come with wreaths, too! To use just drag the object onto the ground and sit on the color coded poseballs. The poses are also included individually as Animations.

If you’re not familiar with poses, know that they are similar to jewelry in that they don’t always fit perfectly right out of the box. Since every avatar’s body parts and shape is different every pose will fit differently on different people. If the pose isn’t perfect just make minor adjustments to your shape until it looks right for you. Generally tweaking hands, wrists, and arm length are what’s needed for poses such as these.

In this post I used my regular shapes without tweaking so you can see what you’re working with right out of the box. I’ve included the full version of this pose as well as the second pose in the Pics & Credits section so you can see the whole thing.

Both poses are available at the Po^Z booth for L$150 each.

Suna Design

The Lexi set is a sexy addition to your photo as well. Granted you’d be a little chilly outside, but just going for a quick photo won’t hurt, right?

The set comes with a dress and matching heels. The dress is low cut in the front and back so it’s wonderful for showing off tattoos. There are also two strips toward the bottom of the dress that are peekaboo cut, so make sure to toss some panties on if you’re keeping it family friendly.

There are more photos in the Pics & Credits section to show off the back of the dress (including the see through parts!) and the heels.

The set (along with many others) is available at the Suna Design booth for L$129. It fits Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, and eBody.

7 Deadly s{K}ins in December! (32 Free Skins & More)

Where has 2017 gone? It’s already December!! 7 Deadly s{K}ins has a huge Advent event running, another Mystery Box, and new events coming up!

Advent Event

December brings us another huge skin giveaway event! From December 1 through January 1 7DS is giving away free skins every day! You must be a VIP group member to take part in this event.

You’ll notice that the group join fee is up to L$1000 for the duration of the event. This is because the value of the free products is so high the designer didn’t want people popping in just to snag the skins and run.

The Advent Event replaces the group gifts this month, so don’t worry if you don’t see your regular gifts on the group boards.

The featured image for the post uses Klassje, the Advent gift for December 1.


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Vista Lia’s Animations

Vista Animations released their bento head Lia last week. This post covers her animations and how she can make your avatar come to life. For more information about her appearance, cosmetic options, and to see her HUD check out my Lia announcement post.

Moods & Expressions

The Moods section is the first chunk right at the top of the animations tab. The four options allow you to choose the default mood your face will display. Each mood is a long and subtle set of animations. You can have one mood selected at a time. The mood serves as a nice baseline for your own unique personality to shine through. You’ll spice it up with your expressions.

Expressions are the flavor, so to speak. Each one selected adds a more obvious facial movement into the loop. You can select them all, none, or anything in between. With twenty four expressions to choose from you can build your very own personality how you see fit. The large pause button in this section will halt the expressions until you click it again. The stop button will clear all the selected expressions. I highly recommend you grab the demo and play with the moods and expressions because it’s really fun to make your own combinations!

It’s not just the movement that’s exciting, though. Using the smaller pause icons will freeze the face in an expression perfect for photos. You can see every one of the static facial expressions in the slideshow below.

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Lia: The Vista Bento Head Is Here!

Vista Animations has released their bento head Lia! Vista Facebook fans have been excited for this for the past week, though many people on grid are just now hearing about Lia. Can’t make it to the store to pick up your demo? Not a problem! Learn everything you need to know right here then snag that demo (and maybe the full version) once the crowds die down.

First Impressions

Right upon opening the box I was excited to see how many shapes Lia comes with. You don’t have to be an experienced shape maker to have a nice variety of looks. I also loved that Vista included a notecard explaining that this is their first head and feedback is welcome.

Originally I planned on making one post about Lia, however she’s so in depth that I had to split it into two. Today I’ll cover the main appearance of Lia and my next post will dig more into her animations and poses.

What Lia Comes With

While many of these are pretty self explanatory sometimes a cheat sheet can be helpful. Here is everything that comes with your Lia purchase and what it does. Note: the head itself can be copied, but not modified or transferred. All modification options happen with the included HUD. The shapes allow for copying and modifying so you can alter them with appearance sliders.

  • YS&YS eyebrows shape for VISTA
    • The brows to go with the YS&YS shape.
  • [Avenge] eyebrows shape for Vista mesh head
    • The brows to go with the Avenge shape.
  • [Avenge] shape for Vista mesh head
    • The shape designed by Avenge.
    • An informative notecard from Vista.
    • One of three shapes designed by VISTA for Lia.
    • This alpha hides the system head so it doesn’t poke through your mesh head.
  • VISTA BENTO HEAD LIA by 7 Deadly s[K]ins
    • The shape designed 7 Deadly s{K}ins.
    • One of three shapes designed by VISTA for Lia.
    • One of three shapes designed by VISTA for Lia.
    • The shape designed by YS&YS.
    • The rigged version of the Lia eyes.
    • One half of the unrigged version of the Lia eyes.
    • One half of the unrigged version of the Lia eyes.
    • The HUD where you’ll play with all the fun settings.
    • The HUD where you can upload your own layers.
    • Here are your teeth!
    • And finally the head itself.
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    Free Dove Friday: November 24, 2017

    Since discovering The Free Dove, I’ve decided to showcase one look a week with items from the store. Welcome to Free Dove Friday!

    This week showcases a dress from Tiffany Designs.

    Fast Facts On The Brand

    1. Tiffany Designs
      1. Elegant clothing, lingerie, jewelry, and shoes
      2. Has products for both genders
      3. Marketplace has over 200 items.

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