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Avatar fashion is a huge industry in Second Life. Everywhere you go you’ll find people sporting their own style and individuality. The endless options make it easier to bring your dream avatar into reality. Make sure you still have that list handy from Part 1, you’ll need to know what’s left to acquire!

This is part 4 of the 5 part series Making A New You.

Demos vs Free Content

Similar to purchasing body parts and hair, demos are an important part of the Second Life avatar fashion industry. Demos are generally free or next to free versions of the product for sale. They tend to have a trait (such as incomplete textures or extra shapes floating around) that is visually displeasing to deter you from using it instead of the full priced product. While the price tag may look tempting, demos are not made for use beyond testing the product out on your avatar. Think of it as a sample taste of the final product. After all, you wouldn’t know if something fits without trying it on first, right?

Some products don’t have demos, especially low cost or free products. These products are commonly referred to as freebies, dollarbies, and gifts. As the names imply, freebies cost nothing and dollarbies cost 1L$. Gifts don’t have a set price, but tend to be inexpensive. Low cost products exist all over Second Life, however finding decent quality ones takes a bit of patience and hunting.

Shopping Styles

Just like in real life there are different ways to find what you want to buy. Shopping in world can be a really unique experience. You can search in game for the product you want (such as “hair” or “dresses”) and visit various locations from the results. Wandering around stores is a great way to get ideas, especially if the store has models wearing what you’re looking for! Many sellers also offer perks such as in-store credit, discounts, or freebies for joining the store’s group. You’ll be offered information on that sort of thing when teleporting to the store.

Don’t feel like looking in game? Check out the Second Life Marketplace. You can quickly search millions of items and sort by price, quality, popularity, and more. Purchases made on the Marketplace are sent to you in game for immediate use. If you’re looking for a very specific item (such as a sweater with cats on it) the Marketplace is the place to shop. It’s also great for staying within a budget. Note that when searching for inexpensive items you’ll see a lot of demos mixed in with full products at the 0L$ – 10L$ price range. Read up on what you’re getting before you click buy.

If you’d like to utilize both methods, I recommend browsing the Marketplace and then visiting the in world stores of sellers you find there. Most Marketplace sellers with in world locations have a link  to it on their main store page. You can utilize the link to teleport directly to where you need to be in game to check out the products in person! If the listed link is outdated you can search for the store via the in game search.

Avatar Fashion Products

There are thousands upon thousands of things to purchase for your avatar. You know what you need better than anyone, you just have to find it! To help you get started I’ve made a list of brands and linked to their available shopping spots, both in the Second Life client(SL) and on the Marketplace (M).
Please note that many of the listed stores sell far more than just what I’ve categorized them as. For example,  PixelFashion is listed under “Shoes” because I love their selection, however they also sell jewelry, clothes, and more.

  1. Clothing 
    • FashionNatic(SL|M)
      • Various styles to choose from, mostly women’s
    • ADRIATIC line (SL|M)
      • Casual and business wear for men
  2. Tattoos
    • .Absence. (M)
  3. Makeup
    • frosting (M)
    • ItGirls (SL|M)
  4. Shoes
    • PixelFashion(SL|M)
    • KC Couture (SL|M)
  5. Accessories
    •  RealEvil Industries(SL|M)
      • High quality accessories for men and women
    • MANDALA Jewelry (SL|M)
      • Various styles for men and women.
  6. Costumes
    • FATE  (SL|M)
      • Fantasy and themed costumes for everyone
      • Police, military, and enforcement outfits for men.

What are your favorite brands and stores? Let’s make the comments section a hub for the cool places you like to shop! Part 5 covers how to ensure your avatar’s personality shines through with its movement.

A second life princess gazes into the distance as the climbs into her carriage
Head – LeLutka: Simone 2.0
Hair – TRUTH: Aviva (Black&Whites)
Shape – Regeneration: Asia
Skin – Glam Affair: Artic, Europa, or Asia
Eyes – Damien Fate: FATEeyes
Hands – Vista: Bento Prohands
Body – Maitreya: Lara
Lipstick – Izzie’s: LeLutka Natural Lips Applier
Dress – Edgy Avatar Designs. Snowflake Dress
Jewelry – Carter’s Custom Designs: Pure Butterfly Collection
Background – Image Essentials
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