Bento Hands vs Standard Mesh – What’s Right For You?

Thanks to the success of Slink feet and the new Slink bento hands (as well as the demand for other brands to support them) switching out certain parts has been common for quite some time. With bento becoming exceedingly popular we’re seeing more users also consider bento hands instead of their standard ones. If the term Bento doesn’t ring a bell consider checking out my Project Bento post so you’re up to speed.

A hand with coral nail polish
Maitreya Lara Hands

Standard Mesh Hands

We’re all used to the standard Mesh hands by now.  They can look nice, however they are stuck in a neutral position. Usually Mesh hands come standard with the body you purchase. Some come with a HUD to allow the user to change various details on the hands. This may include things like skin tone, nail style and color, or tattoos/markings such as freckles. Until recently Second Life hands were little more than an extension of the body.

A hand makes various movements
Vista Animations Bento Hands

New Bento Hands 

We now have more movement options than ever before with the introduction of bento hands. In addition to the regular cosmetic options, the new hands also allow for a wider range of movement. Each finger can move individually giving us the ability to make a fist, a peace sign, or flip somebody off. So far the only set available is from Vista Animations and are for women only, but they do have a male version in testing. Slink and Maitreya have also confirmed that bento hands are on the way.

Vista Animations Sneak Peek

At the time of this post, Vista was the only current seller of bento hands. Every moving hand on this page was made with Vista’s bento hands and the HUD it comes with. Not all customization options and poses in the package are shown here. In addition, Vista has also created a full body Animation Overrider designed for use with bento. Named Miriam, the AO gives your avatar a cute, sassy style that is well worth checking out.

A stationary hand displays a glove, tattoo, and nail polish A stationary hand displays a glove, tattoo, and nail polish
A hand changes skin tones A hand changes skin tones
A gloved hand moves into different textures. A gloved hand moves into different textures.

I encourage you to get the free demo and and try out the new full body AO at Vista Animations. Playing with it is certainly a whole lot of fun. I’m really looking forward to future updates from Vista as well as the new hands from other companies. Have you taken the plunge and picked up some Vista bento hands or are you considering it? Why or why not?

A second life avatar girl looks at her vista bento hands
Head – Lelutka: Simone 2.0
Body – Maitreya: Lara
Hair – TRUTH  Kati in Blacks&Whites
Shape – Regeneration – Alyssa
Skin – Glam Affair: Artic, Europa, or Asia
Lipstick – Izzie’s: LeLutka Natural Lips Applier in Pale
Eyes – Damien Fate: FATEeyes
Hands – Vista: Bento Prohands
Dress – Hibiscus: Elegant Dress
Background/Pose – Image Essentials



01/18/2017 – Vista Animations has released their final version of the female beta hands. Check out what’s new!

03/083-/2017 – Slink has released their bento hands! Check them out!

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7 thoughts on “Bento Hands vs Standard Mesh – What’s Right For You?

  1. I jumped in and got them as soon as I had the lindens:D Loving them and the Vista AO. I got them both because I can’t keep my hands off the new stuff!
    Have you tested any other bento hands? I demoed the ones from Tuty’s and they too are pretty neat.

    • I haven’t tested other brands yet, no. I’ve played with the vista men’s hands for Slink, which operate exactly the same as expected. I think my next will be Maitreya’s when they are released. Hopefully they come soon! Based on a quick read of your post I think I’ll give the Tuty demo a shot just to play around. I love playing with new bento toys!

      What other bento products have you played with? I’ve of course messed with the heads, and now I’m in love with wings.

      • I am hoping for Maitreya and Slink bento update soon! Gonna be hard to decide which will be my go to hands.
        I haven’t tried bento wings yet, but I love bento ears for fun. Got the 1L$ ones on marketplace and played around with them, so cute! I think wings are next on my list though. And maybe a centaur avi? That would be awesome to try!

        • Slink will be nice to see. The success of their feet sets a high bar for their final bento hand product, though. A centaur avi would be a blast! As far as bento wings, there are some by lassitude & ennui at at Gacha Garden right now. It’s only $75 a go, and every item is a set of wings. If you want to play with some I highly recommend giving it a shot!

          • Sorry, thought I answered last night from my mobile phone, but it seems internet ate my reply, lol.
            I was sayig that I think Slink will do a good job. Their deluxe HUD really hit the spot for me. And I’ll need to check out that Iassitude & ennui gacha.$75 bento wings sounds too good to pass up. Thank sfor the tip!

          • Oh yeah I agree they will, I was just pointing out that they have such shoes to fill (lol) with the success of their feet. People expect a far superior product from them than from others.

            You’re welcome! The wings are so awesome, I ended up snagging 4 sets I just couldn’t help myself.

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