Fantasy Avatar: Neko Girl

Not all Second Life avatars have to be human. You’ve seen The Demoness, the Elven Maiden, and the Vampire Queen. Get ready for the sexy adorable Neko Girl! Men can be Neko characters as well, all you need are ears and a tail! The cute outfit is just a bonus. Today’s look shows off items from Aii The Ugly & Beautiful, Catwa, and Caboodle.

Get The Neko Girl Look

Neko Girl (and Boy) style can really be anything. Some people prefer the sexy avatar, some prefer cutesy. I went sexy for this post since the outfit I wanted to share is a bit on the revealing side. The core parts of a neko are the ears and tail. Kitty eyes are a bonus but not required. I happened to already have all of these items, but neko products aren’t hard to find if you need to shop!

Ears and Tail – Aii The Ugly & Beautiful

Aii The Ugly & Beautiful sells fantasy products of all types for all genders. You can find skins, body modifications (such as a centipede lower body), clothing, accessories, tattoos, and more at their lovely store. They also have tons of free gifts and group gifts as well as a large gacha room.

The ears and tail I’m wearing are both from the Neko Neko Gacha created for Fantasy Gacha Carnival February of 2017. Both are bento and have super adorable movements included. There is no HUD AO for these two items, they simply handle the cute little twitches and wiggles on their own.


Outfit – Caboodle

Caboodle’s store has something for everyone. Clothing, accessories, group gifts, Lucky Boards, Midnight Mania, you name it they have it. The top, skirt, and socks all came from the Playful Neko Gacha which was located at Hentai Fair and can now be found in Caboodle’s gacha area.

I really love how even though the pieces I got from the Gacha aren’t the same base colors I was still able to make them work in a set. The bow colors on the skirt and the socks can be changed to increase the mix & match potential. You can see the full outfit from various angles in the full pictures at the bottom of the post. While this outfit is super cute and still sexy, any outfit can work for a neko! Part of the fun in creating your own avatar is making sure the style is unique and exciting to you.




Eyes – Catwa

I know I know, I’m showing off Catwa’s eyes again! They’re just so versatile! They work for humans, vampires, kitties, anything! They are so extensive that I will likely do a post showcasing them on their own soon. Here you can see the slit pupil and the beautiful icy coloration. This is one of the standard presets available for use.


Full Credits

As always, make sure to click the image if you’d like a larger view.

Pose – Overlow Poses: Gift 1

The ears look cute no matter what stage of motion they’re in!
Pose – Omen Poses: Ella 5

Pose – E. Ink: Headphones/Music 2

Head – LeLutka: Simone
Body – Maitreya: Lara
Hands – Vista: Bento Prohands
Shape – Regeneration: Vanessa
Hair – TRUTH: Kati (Blacks & Whites)
Skin – 7 Deadly s{K}ins: Dawn (Walnut)
Eye Shadow – Arte: Myst Eyeshadow
Neko Ears – aii: Tan Bento Neko Ears
Neko Tail – aii: Tan Bento Neko Tail
Eyes – Catwa: Mesh Eyes
Top – Caboodle: Playful Neko Turtleneck
Skirt – Caboodle: Playful Neko Skirt
Socks – Caboodle: Playful Neko Socks
Pose – Omen Poses: Ella 4
Background – Neko Maid Cafe
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4 thoughts on “Fantasy Avatar: Neko Girl

  1. This kind of look was super popular back in 2009. It kind of died off outside the German speaking communities, good to see it making a come back.

    • It’s still seen very commonly in anime communities and even in some furry communities, though less commonly. As far as I’m aware it never died out in those spots either. It’s definitely being seen all over now with the rise of bento products supporting it.

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