Free Dove Friday: May 12, 2017

Since discovering The Free Dove, I’ve decided to showcase one look a week with items from the store. Welcome to the fourteenth installment of Free Dove Friday!

This week showcases a dress by DE.Boutique and jewelry by Dellybeams.

Fast Facts On The Brands

  1. DE.Boutique
    • Clothing and shoes
    • Caters to women
    • Marketplace store has over 50 items
  2. Dellybeams
    • Jewelry section in part of a larger home goods store.
    • Serves women
    • Marketplace store has nearly 300 pieces of jewelry and over 1,000 items total.

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FurtaCor’s Versatile Julia Dress

FurtaCor is known for their quality products and colorful HUDs allowing users to get tons of use out of just one purchase. The Julia Dress is no exception. The low top and open back are great for showing off tattoos or layering with other decorative appliers. The Julia HUD has different color options for the collar (23), tie (8), and the dress (23) giving you access to over 4,000 different combinations.


The versatility of this piece combined with the low cost makes it perfect for avatars who would love to have multiple looks on a budget. You can see three different color combinations in the pics section below, but that’s really just a small sampling of your overall options. If you add in the Mix & Match potential of layering, shoes, and jewelry suddenly the possibilities become endless.

Julia comes in five standard fitmesh sizes as well as Belleza, Slink, and Maitreya sizes. It is exclusive to Fashion Dazzle this month and costs only L$125. Also for sale at the FurtaCor booth is the Dorah set (shorts, top, & sneakers) for L$150, the Loise set (blouse, jeans, shoes, and bag) for L$199, and the Charlie heels for L$125.

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Just Another Day On The Airship (ft. Gidget’s Style)

Gidget’s Style has designed a beautiful dress for Fashion Dazzle this month. I love the way the gold and black give it a steampunk feel. While it works great for that type of style it can also be used as a period piece, or even as a modern fashion piece. The silver accents in the skirt have a personality of their own too. I love when I can choose to accessorize with gold and silver instead of one or the other.

The dress comes in 5 standard sizes for both mesh and fitmesh. To use it with my Maitreya body I did have to adjust my shape slightly to account for the way Maitreya’a alpha sections are. Make sure to demo, as I always recommend, to ensure the dress will be a good fit for you.

You can purchase Alice for only L$149 until Fashion Dazzle ends May 25. In addition to Alice you’ll also find the Dolly mesh dress by Gidget’s Style on sale for the same price.

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TRUTH: Revolutionizing Hair In Second Life

Every so often a product comes out that changes the way everyone thinks about that commodity. Take Vista’s bento hands for example. They were the first bento hands publicly available and nearly everyone was fascinated, if not addicted, to the new and future possibilities. This week TRUTH released a hair product that is doing the very same thing, this time with no extra Linden Labs technology needed.

A Brief History

If you’ve ever purchased hair in Second Life, and even if you haven’t, you’ve likely heard of TRUTH. Named for the founder and designer, Truth Hawks, TRUTH is perhaps the most popular and successful hair brand in Second Life. While he specializes in women’s hair Truth has also developed some clothing and accessories. His products are found at his in world store, the Marketplace, and various events across the grid. He even created Uber, a sales event that both customers and designers look forward to every round.

The 10th Anniversary of the brand has brought much celebration! Here is a handy list so you don’t miss anything:

  1. Through May  12 (Noonish)  Extended through May 16!
    • Much of the in world store (including his clothing line ALT by Truth) is 70% off.
    • Rumor has it that the sale may be extended due to high traffic and high demand. Sale is officially extended.
      • The prices are insanely low so I wouldn’t wait to shop.
    • This sale is open to the public.
  2. May 12 (Noonish) – May 13 (Midnight) TBA
    • The store will be closed to the public during most of this time for a VIP Exclusive event.
    • Details on the sale are still to come, but we know featured items will be 50% off and it may be extended if needed.
    • Not a VIP member? It’s well worth joining! Check below for more info on how and why.
  3. May 13 (7PM) TBA
    • Store opens to public to showcase the VIP sale.

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Fantasy Avatar: The Glaistig

Recent dark and fantasy events such as We Love RP, Memento.Mori, and The Dark Style Fair 4 have been grabbing the attention of alternative avatars all through Second Life. In celebration I designed an avatar loosely based on a mythical being from Scottish folklore. The Glaistig is represented in many different ways, but almost all of them share the theme of a woman/goat hybrid. With that in mind I created the creature for this post.


7 Deadly s{K}ins

The skin used for the Glaistig is Nove by 7 Deadly s{K}ins. Nove is found at The Dark Style Fair 4 (aka TDSF4), an event celebrating all things dark. She comes in two packs, both of which include omega appliers for the face and the body in five skin tones. The first package includes the fair tones Snow (shown here), Cotton Candy, Apricot, Sand, and Caramel. The second  includes the darker tones Walnut, Chestnut, Taupe, Cashew, and Pineapple. Each pack is on sale for L$699 at the fair.

To find 7 Deadly s{K}ins at TDSF4 simply port in, head West until you reach the pathway, then follow the pathway South. You’ll find 7DS in the last booth on the right.

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Free Dove Friday: May 5, 2017

Since discovering The Free Dove, I’ve decided to showcase one look a week with items from the store. Happy Free Dove Friday!

This week showcases looks from Marquesse and Duh!!

Fast Facts On The Brands

  1. Marquesse
    • Clothing and shoes
    • Attire for both genders
    • Marketplace has items for shopping while not in game.
  2. Duh!
    • Shoes and accessories
    • Main store has mostly women’s items,
    • Marketplace store  has more men’s items.

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May 2017 Goodies!

Hey everyone! Previously I’ve done separate posts for the monthly goodies I show off. This month I’m combining them into one post so you don’t have to wait! So here is the scoop for The Free Dove, 7 Deadly s{K}ins, and Fashion Dazzle!

The Free Dove Mini Hunts

This month we have products from Cremosas, Mutiny in Heaven, and [WellMade]. Remember to wear your group tag for The Free Dove so you can pick up all the items. They can be hidden around The Free Dove and the designers’ stores.

  1. Cremosas
    • 10 hidden items
    • Clothes and shoes for women
  2. Mutiny In Heaven
    • 10 hidden items
      • #3 is shown in the main image for this post.
    • Outfits for women
  3. [WellMade]
    • 10 hidden items
    • Women’s apparel

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All Dressed Up & Nowhere To Go (ft. GeMyles)

GeMyles has created a fun exclusive camouflage set for this month’s Fashion Dazzle. It can be worn as is for a casual setting yet it’s easily spruced up with jewelry for a more formal look. The set includes both the Arianna Dress and Monaliza heels for only L$99.

Let’s start with the Arianna Dress. I really love the low cut on the front as well as the open back. It’s great for showing off any tattoos or just a bit of sexiness. I’m also a big fan of layering, which this dress lends itself well to. Sexy applier lingerie, especially one with a decorative back, would look wonderful with this.

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