The Cute Little Kemono

In Second Life you can do or be pretty much anything, including a furry. What’s a furry, you ask? Take an animal and mix it up with a human. Think Bugs Bunny, Simba, or Rocket Raccoon. All of these fit the furry theme.

The furry community in Second Life is very active. Many sims exist exclusively for furries, though some allow human avatars in as well. While a lot of furries heavily modify and customize their avatars to have a one of a kind look, this post will show you a very basic and simple furry avatar.


UTILIZATOR is the go to brand for many who want a petite avatar. Their avatar “Kemono” is an all in one furry avatar that can be purchased for L$900. Unfortunately there is no demo available, so do a lot of research before purchasing to ensure it’s what you’d like! If you have any questions about it please don’t hesitate to leave a comment and I’ll answer the best I can for you. At the time of this posting there are nearly 200 Kemono reviews on the Marketplace listing with an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

Kemono can be copied and modified but not transferred. 

First Impressions

The moment I put this avatar on I was hit with a cuteness overload. The petite body along with the giant eyes and short little muzzle give it such a sweet, innocent look. Even the teeny feet have the cutest little pawpads!

I also loved the expressions included in the head HUD. They give you a lot of cute mouth poses ranging from surprised to happy to snarky. All in all the Kemono seems to be really good if you’d love a cutesy, easy to use, all in one avatar.


What It Comes With

Peering into the Kemono folder may seem a bit daunting but it’s not as bad as it seems. Some of the items are ready to be worn (such as the body parts) and some require a little more unpacking (such as the Bonus Items). The following list shows everything you get with your Kemono purchase.

  • M3K Kemono Head
    • The avatar’s head
  • M3K Kemono HUD
    • The HUD to control the head
  • Kemono Body
    • The avatar’s body
  • Kemono HUD
    • The HUD to control the body
  • Kemono Tail and Ears
    • The avatar’s tail and ears
  • Full body Alpha
    • An object to make the system avatar invisible so you just see the Kemono mesh
  • Starter clothing
    • Gloves, a cropped tank top, and shorts.
      • The shorts are very short. Think panties with a belt.
  • Emote pack
    • A box containing emotes you can use with the avatar
  • Undeformer (in case of emergency)
    • A pose used to help undeform your avatar
  • Update card
    • Wear this to get the latest update to the Kemono
  • Head attachment guide
    • A texture to show you the proper sizing and placement of the head
      • This is mostly for people who are using third party or custom heads.
  • Landmark to the store
    • So you can find the in game location
  • Bonus items box
    • A box containing the following:
      • Command Documentation Head & Body
        • Information for people who want to make their own textures
      • Default textures
      • Texture templates
        • Information for people who want to make their own textures
      • UV maps
        • Information for people who want to make their own textures
      • Additional clothing items
        • Stockings and knee socks
        • Panties
      • Away sign
      • Older versions
      • Retro Loader
        • Allows you to use textures for the old Kemono with the new Kemono

Making It Look Unique

While it’s adorable when you first put it on it the Kemono was made to be customized. There are so many ways to set yourself apart from the rest. You can use the included textures and HUDs to change your coloration. You can purchase third party textures or make your own. If you’re really crafty you may even consider making your own mesh body parts to replace the head, tail, or ears. The Kemono is a complete avatar but it can also be a wonderful base for something more personalized.

Using What’s Included

Kemono comes with some different textures so you don’t have to look like the advertisement picture. When you first equip each HUD you’ll only see the tall slim rectangular options. These options alter the alphas and the facial expressions. Click the cog to expand the HUD and see your other options!

You can change your eye color to nearly anything right from the Head HUD. You can also alter the mouth, brows, and lashes. The Body HUD allows you to select from 12 preset skin options, set your tail movement, customize your legs, and toggle the visibility of your privates.

Third Party Products

Kemono is popular enough to have custom textures and clothing from third parties on the Marketplace. Just while browsing for products to use in today’s post I found over 30 free products to add the the texture collection that comes with the avatar. In fact the textures used in this post are third party products by FURRYFURLIFE and KaWaiider. While there are many free products there are also paid products as well. Some third party clothing allows for custom texturing as well so you can choose to invest in a shirt or jacket you like and then get various looks for it from other designers.


Above and Beyond

As you read in the introduction some furries go all out modding their avatars to make them one of a kind. While this is definitely an option it’s also a bit more in depth and can take a fair amount of time, money, and practice. This may include custom head, making your own textures, and making or mix and matching mesh parts.

Below you can see an avatar that uses Kemono as a base and then uses custom mesh, textures, and clothing to make it look entirely different.


No matter what if you’re avatar is one of a kind or one of many the important part is that YOU enjoy it. Some people absolutely adore the Kemono. Some think it’s too generic. What do YOU think?

Full Pics & Credits

Piano/Pose – Maven Homes: BoSL Open Lid Piano

Avatar – UTILIZATOR: Kemono
Eye Textures –FURRYFURLIFE:  Bat Eyes Applier
Body Textures – KaWaiider: Halloween 2015 Gift Kemono Mod
Setting/Poses – Concept: 02. Venice Sofa ADULT (Rare)
Location: Comhar Photo Studio


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