Linden Lab’s Newest Starter Avatars (Part 1)

Regeneration Freebies, Informational Linden Lab’s Newest Starter Avatars (Part 1)
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Linden Lab’s Newest Starter Avatars (Part 1)

Posted By Asia Ristow

Linden Lab released eight new starter avatars earlier this month, six of which come with bento parts. Anyone can use these, simply select the “Choose an avatar” option in your viewer. Note: If you already have an avatar you love the looks of make sure to save it to your wardrobe (via the appearance section of your viewer) before changing!

I’ll show you the first four (Angels & Demons) today and the next four (Renaissance & Mystic Heroes) tomorrow. Both the Angels and Demons have bento wings. These wings move on their own and change based on what you’re doing. Try walking, running, and flying and see what they do!


For more info on all of the avatars make sure to check out this awesome, in depth video by Alicia Chenaux:

Pics & Credits

Avatars – Linden Lab: Angels
Pose/Setting – Image Essentials: Roman Arch
Location – Image Essentials
Avatars – Linden Lab: Demons
Pose/Setting – Image Essentials: Gladiator
Location – Image Essentials

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