Vista Lia’s Animations

Vista Animations released their bento head Lia last week. This post covers her animations and how she can make your avatar come to life. For more information about her appearance, cosmetic options, and to see her HUD check out my Lia announcement post.

Moods & Expressions

The Moods section is the first chunk right at the top of the animations tab. The four options allow you to choose the default mood your face will display. Each mood is a long and subtle set of animations. You can have one mood selected at a time. The mood serves as a nice baseline for your own unique personality to shine through. You’ll spice it up with your expressions.

Expressions are the flavor, so to speak. Each one selected adds a more obvious facial movement into the loop. You can select them all, none, or anything in between. With twenty four expressions to choose from you can build your very own personality how you see fit. The large pause button in this section will halt the expressions until you click it again. The stop button will clear all the selected expressions. I highly recommend you grab the demo and play with the moods and expressions because it’s really fun to make your own combinations!

It’s not just the movement that’s exciting, though. Using the smaller pause icons will freeze the face in an expression perfect for photos. You can see every one of the static facial expressions in the slideshow below.

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Lia: The Vista Bento Head Is Here!

Vista Animations has released their bento head Lia! Vista Facebook fans have been excited for this for the past week, though many people on grid are just now hearing about Lia. Can’t make it to the store to pick up your demo? Not a problem! Learn everything you need to know right here then snag that demo (and maybe the full version) once the crowds die down.

First Impressions

Right upon opening the box I was excited to see how many shapes Lia comes with. You don’t have to be an experienced shape maker to have a nice variety of looks. I also loved that Vista included a notecard explaining that this is their first head and feedback is welcome.

Originally I planned on making one post about Lia, however she’s so in depth that I had to split it into two. Today I’ll cover the main appearance of Lia and my next post will dig more into her animations and poses.

What Lia Comes With

While many of these are pretty self explanatory sometimes a cheat sheet can be helpful. Here is everything that comes with your Lia purchase and what it does. Note: the head itself can be copied, but not modified or transferred. All modification options happen with the included HUD. The shapes allow for copying and modifying so you can alter them with appearance sliders.

  • YS&YS eyebrows shape for VISTA
    • The brows to go with the YS&YS shape.
  • [Avenge] eyebrows shape for Vista mesh head
    • The brows to go with the Avenge shape.
  • [Avenge] shape for Vista mesh head
    • The shape designed by Avenge.
    • An informative notecard from Vista.
    • One of three shapes designed by VISTA for Lia.
    • This alpha hides the system head so it doesn’t poke through your mesh head.
  • VISTA BENTO HEAD LIA by 7 Deadly s[K]ins
    • The shape designed 7 Deadly s{K}ins.
    • One of three shapes designed by VISTA for Lia.
    • One of three shapes designed by VISTA for Lia.
    • The shape designed by YS&YS.
    • The rigged version of the Lia eyes.
    • One half of the unrigged version of the Lia eyes.
    • One half of the unrigged version of the Lia eyes.
    • The HUD where you’ll play with all the fun settings.
    • The HUD where you can upload your own layers.
    • Here are your teeth!
    • And finally the head itself.
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    Starting Point: Mesh Body Addicts

    Featured image is the MADDICT store front on the Mesh Body Addicts sim.

    Today is just a quick little post since I have so much going on this week. Often times people ask where a good starting point is in regards to transferring to a mesh avatar. My answer is always the same: Mesh Body Addicts! MBA started as a blog but also has an in world presence with their sim and events.


    Mesh Body Addicts is one of the most popular Second Life blogs on the web, and for good reason! Daria is a pro at dissecting mesh products, delivering information about them in an simple manner, and organizing her content so it can be browsed easily. Sound too good to be true? Take a look for yourself! Here are some of the sections I recommend the most:


    The blog is so popular it’s no surprise that it spawned an in world location. It’s a great place to visit whether you’re starting out or already all meshed up. Once you port in you’ll find demo bodies in a line directly to your left. It’s a convenient way to try multiple products out without having to visit a bunch different sims.

    If you head straight forward after your teleport you’ll run into the MADDICT store. Here you’ll find various mesh clothing and accessories as well as information on the Mesh Body Addicts group. If you wander around the area you’ll find it’s also home to many storefronts including AviCandy, Lakshmi, Pink Pearl, and many more.

    The sim also hosts the MBA events!


    Mesh Body Addicts has two events: 4Mesh and the annual Mesh Body Addicts Fair. 4Mesh runs every other month and showcases themes in four rooms: Roleplay/Fantasy, General Fitmesh Fashion, Bento & Skin/Body. The Fair is a yearly event focusing on “mesh bodies, mesh heads, bento mesh items and associated fashion and accessories.” 4Mesh is running now so make sure to check it out!

    Sneak Peek: Lia The Vista Bento Head

    Featured image above showing off the Vista bento head Lia was made by Vista Animations.

    Lia is here! Feel free to keep reading about the preview, but if you want to see more about the head check out Lia: The Vista Bento Head and Vista Lia’s Animations!

    Yes, you read that right! Vista Animations is currently beta testing a bento head. Vista is arguably the largest, most popular Animation Overrider (AO) company in Second Life. Their bento hands enjoyed popularity when they were the first to be released on the grid. With plenty of bento heads on the market will Vista’s be as much of a hit? Read on to learn all we know and see the  head in action then let me know what you think!

    7 Deadly s{K}ins created the Saga skin for the vista bento head
    Promo Image by 7 Deadly s{K}ins

    What We Know

    Vista’s Facebook page opened the beta testing for the new head (named Lia) up to 30 lucky users on November 17, 2017. The first public version of Lia will be available Friday. The full price will be L$2500, however invited beta testers get it for half off. Check the facebook comments from Vista for confirmation of the release date and price!

    7 Deadly s{K}ins is also a part of this release! Their skin Saga (shown here) is included in the Vista HUD. 7DS’s November group gift Chantal (skin & shape) came with the following information via notecard:

    “This month’s group gifts come with a little story, A story to soon to tell.”

    In addition the shape is called “7 Deadly s[K]ins – VISTA shape Chantal Group” leading me to believe that 7DS VIP members have a free skin/shape for Vista’s new head already! Not a group member? The group is currently L$225 to join and includes skins every month. Next month the group price is increasing as there is an advent event planned with tons of free skins for group members. If you want to join the time is now.

    Additional HUD skins come from YS&YS and Avenge. So what does the HUD look like? Check out the post below from Vista!

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    One Hair + Three Skins = Three Girls (ft. 7DS & TRUTH)

    It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of 7 Deadly s{K}ins and TRUTH; they’re in almost all of my posts! Today I want to show off a few of their products and show how you can get different looks without changing much.

    The Basics

    Every pic used today has almost identical products (all of which are credited at the end of the post). There is only one actual product that is different in each picture and that’s the skin. You’ll see the style and color of the hair changes. The hair itself isn’t being swapped out, it’s all controlled by HUD. The color of the bathing suit is adjusted the same way. The mesh parts and shapes are all the same. This is a great example of how different you can look with a new skin and hairdo.


    This look is based around the Serika Omega applier from 7 Deadly s{K}ins. While it’s designed for LAQ (there’s a shape for sale too) I find that she works fine on my Catwa head as seen here. She’s available in eleven skin tones as seen below:

    1. Box 1
      • Caramel (shown here)
      • Cotton
      • Dew
      • Marshmellow
      • Sand
      • Snow
    1. Box 2
      • Caramel (shown here)
      • Coconut
      • Oak
      • Pineapple
      • Taupe
      • Walnut
    Serika is available at anyBODY until September 30 at 8AM SLT.

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    What’s Changing With The Second Life TOS Update?

    This is something I’ve seen a fair amount of buzz over so I’d like to cover it for you guys even though it’s not directly avatar related. Second Life’s TOS (Terms of Service) has been updated and goes into effect July 31, 2017. As of this weekend you cannot log in without accepting the new agreement. So what does that mean for you? Probably not too much. I highly doubt this will change the way most of you use Second Life. Due to the nature of the content this is a very text heavy post.

    What’s Changing?

    Linden Lab stated in their announcement, “We’ve restructured the Terms of Service to contain terms and conditions that apply to all Linden Lab products, and we have separated out product-specific references (such as Linden Dollar and LindeX for SL) into product-specific policies. The new Second Life Terms and Conditions contains all the Second Life-specific references that were previously in the Terms of Service.”

    Most of the changes appear to be tidying up the document and clarifying things. For example the content covered in the old Infringement Notifications section was split up throughout the document a bit differently. There are some changes, however, that are still likely to stick out when looking it over. Though they may look scary (as policy changes often do) they really aren’t anything to worry about.

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    Mesh Crash Course: Troubleshooting Issues

    Need more mesh help or info? Check out our full Mesh Crash Course.

    Sometimes things just don’t go as expected when using mesh heads and bodies in Second Life. Here are some of the most common issues:

    1. Skin, makeup or tattoos don’t apply
    2. Skin, makeup or tattoos appear distorted
    3. Eyelashes are clumpy
    4. Skin, makeup, or tattoos are shiny
    5. Makeup or tattoos are faded
    6. Old body parts show through the new mesh body parts
    7. And many, many more…

    While all of these things can be very frustrating, thankfully they are usually an easy fix!


    Some of the most common problems come from trying to use appliers. If you’re not familiar with them make sure to check out our in depth post on how appliers work.

    If you’re finding that skin, makeup, or tattoos aren’t showing up at all it can be a few different things. First you’ll want to make sure you’re using the correct appliers. A Catwa applier, for example, won’t apply to a Lelutka head. If you’re using Omega appliers (the “universal” applier) make sure you also have your Omega System Relay Kits on. You may have to click the relays to activate them. For more information on ensuring you have the right applier and how to use appliers please check out Appliers: How Do They Work?

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    Linden Lab’s Newest Starter Avatars (Part 2)

    Linden Lab released eight new starter avatars earlier this month, six of which come with bento parts. Anyone can use these, simply select the “Choose an avatar” option in your viewer. Note: If you already have an avatar you love save it to your wardrobe before changing! You can do this is the appearance tab of your viewer.

    Yesterday I showed off the first four (Angels & Demons) and today you’ll get to see the next four (Renaissance & Mystic Heroes). The Renaissance avatars actually come with bento horses which is a fun change for starters. The heroes have adorable little imp pets, too!

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    Linden Lab’s Newest Starter Avatars (Part 1)

    Linden Lab released eight new starter avatars earlier this month, six of which come with bento parts. Anyone can use these, simply select the “Choose an avatar” option in your viewer. Note: If you already have an avatar you love the looks of make sure to save it to your wardrobe (via the appearance section of your viewer) before changing!

    I’ll show you the first four (Angels & Demons) today and the next four (Renaissance & Mystic Heroes) tomorrow. Both the Angels and Demons have bento wings. These wings move on their own and change based on what you’re doing. Try walking, running, and flying and see what they do!

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    How To Look Like A Million Bucks On A Budget

    Second Life and some of its many avatars may be free, however a large portion of us invest money into the game. Avatar customization can turn into a very expensive hobby if you have the desire and the funds. That said, you don’t have to be rich to look awesome. If you want to spend some money on your avatar but need to stick to a budget you can still look great.

    What To Spend On

    The important thing to remember is that your avatar is yours and what’s important to others may not be important to you. Maybe you don’t care about cool clothing but you want a high quality mesh body. Perhaps you love the system body and want to invest in quality clothing and hair. It’s entirely up to you. Here are some things worth investing in when funds are limited.

    The Basics: Body, Skin, Hair, Etc.

    A high quality base is a great starting point. If you have some of the more popular mesh body parts you can find low cost and even free clothing, appliers, and accessories quite easily. What you should purchase is entirely up to your preferences and budget. This section lists some of the most popular brands alongside which genders they support so you have a place to start. This is by no means a complete list, it just includes the most popular brands to consider.

    Mesh Body Parts

    If you’ll only be purchasing high quality body parts (and looking for deals on skins and appliers) I recommend sticking with the more common mesh body options. Their popularity makes it very easy to find low cost and free products to use with them. I highly encourage visiting Mesh Body Addicts to research any parts you may be interested in and demo all your parts together before purchasing to ensure they give you the look you want. 

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