Bento: What It Is and Why You Should Be Excited

If you keep up on Second Life chatter you’ve┬áthe term Bento tossed around for months now. But what is it exactly? Why is everybody so eager to see it in motion? And most importantly, why should you care?

Project Bento

No, it’s not the food packing craze! Project Bento is Linden Lab’s update to the avatar skeleton in Second Life. It adds new joints, bones, and attachment points so creators have more options when designing content. This allows for smoother movement and greater customization of wings, hands, and faces. Creators have much more freedom using bento, though it’s also a more complex process. Thankfully as a consumer the most difficult part is┬áselecting which product to purchase. A bento enabled viewer is required in order to see it in action. The latest Second Life and Firestorm viewers work nicely.

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