Inspired By: Hel

To celebrate my favorite holiday, Halloween, I decided to create an avatar loosely based on the Norse goddess Hel. Those of you familiar with Hel know she’s described as being “part black and part white.” The video game Smite takes this literally by splitting Hel into two personalities and entities. I’ve based this look on that split image.

Split Hair

The hair is TRUTH‘s Ophelia. The hair itself is split colored, these images aren’t edited for that effect. You can choose any color in the HUD for either side. I highly recommend snagging the fatpack for this hair if you don’t usually. It gives you so many more options since you can wear two colors! The styling HUD also allows for the hair to sit differently as well. Ophelia is available at Salem until October 31.

Dual Skins

Two skins are featured here, both by 7 Deadly s{K}ins. The darker skin is Pepper in Mud and the lighter is Key in Dew. Both are designed for LAQ bento heads and come in Omega appliers. Pepper is currently available as part of the Trick or Treat hunt as well as for direct purchase at the 7DS store. Key was available as part of The Black Fair this month.

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~SongBird~ Is Getting Spoopy!

It’s that time of the year again! Of course SongBird has brought us something delightful for the season. Check out these Spoopy Capris!


Halloween is my favorite holiday. It always has been and it likely always will be. I’m also one of those people who treats every day like Halloween if I can get away with it. These Spoopy Capris are a wicked awesome way to manage the Halloween look no matter what time of year it is.

The skeleton outline matches my Maitreya body very well. In this post it’s accented with the Skeleton Tattoo by Demonic which is also a close match. The two may not line up perfectly depending on your body, but it’s close enough to absolutely rock it.

The capris come with a color changing HUD. There are two tabs: Colours and Faded. Both have ten options as seen in the Pics & Credits section below. Please note that each of these colors changes the entire pant. The image below is not a wearable option, simply a single image showing off every color.

The Spoopy Capris fit Maitreya, Belleza, and Slink. You can purchase them for only L$250 at the SongBird mainstore.

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Free Dove Friday: October 13, 2017

Since discovering The Free Dove, I’ve decided to showcase one look a week with items from the store. Welcome to Free Dove Friday!

This week showcases a professional look by Artizana.

Fast Facts On The Brand

  1. Artizana
    • Offers fashionable attire for professional and cultural styles.
    • Has a selection for both men and women.
    • Their Marketplace location has over 1,000 products!

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Moonstar: A Style For Every Occasion

Moonstar has brought a large selection to Fashion Dazzle this month. This is a picture heavy post filled with wonderful outfits. Make sure to click each image for a larger view!


Found only at Fashion Dazzle, this Brown Bear set is quite possibly one of the cutest things I own. It comes with the shoes and tights as well so you have an entire adorable outfit with just one purchase.

The dress itself fit my body well. I really like the length as it can easily be mix & matched if you so choose.

The tights come in a clothing layer as well as Omega appliers so almost any avatar can use them. The detail in the pattern is well worth zooming in for.

The shoes are well made and have a gorgeous shine to them. I really love the adorable, innocent feel this entire outfit gives off.

Set Fits: Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, Tonic, 5 standard Fitmesh sizes, and Classic Avatars

Shoes Fit: Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, Tonic

Price: L$150 at the Moonstar booth.

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Marquesse’s Autumn Whisper

My favorite season has always been Autumn. The leaves alone give us a spectacular color show, lovely fall scents, and that satisfying crunch once they dry out on the ground. Marquesse conveys the cozy feeling of the changing season at Fashion Dazzle this month!

Autumn Whisper

This is one of those pieces I really wish I had off grid. It looks wonderful on its own, but you can pair it with thigh high shoes (as seen here) or even leggings for a different feel. Leggings would give the added bonus of warmth in that crisp fall air, too!

Autumn Whisper comes in blue, brown, green, red, and purple. You can see every color modeled in the Pics & Credits section below. The golden sash compliments each color very nicely. The sandals match that bow perfectly, too! Shoe-Ddiction actually made them to compliment this outfit. They even share the same name!

Autumn Whisper fits eBODY, Slink, Belleza, Tonic, TMP, Maitreya, and the standard 5 fitmesh sizes. It is available for L$199 per color at the Marquesse booth at Fashion Dazzle.

The Autumn Whisper Tight Sandals are also available at the event. They fit Slink high, Maitreya, and Belleza feet. The sandals can be purchased for L$99 at the Shoe-Ddiction booth.

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Free Dove Friday: October 6, 2017

Since discovering The Free Dove, I’ve decided to showcase one look a week with items from the store. Welcome to Free Dove Friday!

This week showcases a dress from LUXE Paris.

Fast Facts On The Brand

  1. LUXE Paris
    • Various Clothing (casual, formal, swimwear, etc.)
    • Products for men & women
    • Marketplace has over 900 items available

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Shapes & Witches (Ft. Shei Shapes & Skins)

Shei Shapes & Skins has brought more goodies to Fashion Dazzle this month!

Yvanna & Nick

There are two exclusive shapes available at the Shei Shapes & Skins booth this month. Shown here is the lovely Yvanna. She’s made for LeLutka bento heads (shown here on Simone) and the Maitreya Lara body. When I first put her on I noticed she’s taller than what I usually wear. It was a fun change! She has a slender waist but it still feels very natural. I actually really like this shape!

Also available is Nick. She’s made for Catwa’s Catya head and the Maitreya Lara body. I do not personally have Catya so I wasn’t able to model Nick properly. Instead check out this promo image for an idea of how Nick looks.

Nick may work with other Catwa heads. I tried her on Lona, who has quite the underbite naturally, and it didn’t quite seem to do it for me. Grab the demo to try her on your Catwa head and see if you love how she looks!

Yvanna & Nick are available at the booth for L$199 each. They come with full mod versions as well so you can tweak them to fit your specific needs. I have no doubt I could make Nick work for me, however I didn’t want to blog an altered shape out of respect for Shei Shapes & Skins.

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7 Deadly s{K}ins October: Hunt, Mystery Box, and More!

October is here! 7 Deadly s{K}ins has a new group gift out, new discounts, and new events coming up! And just as a reminder, we’re going into our first full month with the three new skin tones introduced Sep 10.

Group Gift

October’s group gift isn’t a free skin this time, it’s free money. As a thank you for being a VIP group member you’ll be able to get L$400 in store credit. This way you can put it toward a skin of your choice.

To get your store credit simply wear your VIP tag and head to the store credit terminal at the female side of the store. This can be found on the wall to the right after you walk in from the front doors. You’ll see two terminals to the left of the info board. Just click on the right to get your credit.

We also have a group hunt this month! Sneak a peek at the skins available in the slideshow below.


Trick or Treat Store Hunt


30 pumpkins (some are tricks and some are treats) are hidden within the designated borders at the 7DS store. Treat pumpkins have male and female skins inside. Every pumpkin has a word. Collect all the words to make a Halloween poem. The first three people to complete the poem get store credit. The first gets L$1000, the second gets L$500, and the third gets L$250.

The Trick or Treat Store Hunt runs for group members only from October 1 – November 1. Make sure to pick up and review the hunt rules at the store before starting the hunt or chatting in the VIP group about it.

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