Pick Your Parts

How you build your basic avatar depends on what you want the outcome to be. Selecting body parts can be a challenging yet rewarding experience! You’ll need the list you made in Part 1 so you know what type of items to buy.

This is part 3 of the 5 part series Making A New You.

Your Basic Avatar – Now In Mesh!

Mesh is the term used to describe 3D objects in Second Life. When using a Mesh avatar you make the base model invisible with an item called an alpha. The game does provide default Mesh avatars that you can build off of, though they are very basic. If you want higher quality you can purchase a body, head, hands, and feet to use instead of the default avatar. Since the defaults are already made for you I’ll assume you’re not reading this guide for those and focus on the other options.

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Listen To Your Lindens

Whether your budget is tight or you have money to spend, avatar cost is a factor in redesigning your character. If you have the concept of what you want from your avatar you know what sort of things you need to get to build it in world. If you don’t have an idea what you want make sure to check out Part 1.

This is part 2 of the 5 part series Making A New You.

How Much Does An Avatar Cost?

When purchasing items you will need Linden Dollars (L$), the currency of Second Life. While the conversion rate varies, it usally hovers around 250L$ per 1USD. While they can be earned in game, they are more commonly purchased when large amounts are needed. Acquiring Lindens can be a massive post in itself (perhaps one I’ll make in the future!)  For now you need the knowledge that for your dream avatar you likely need some Lindens.

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Tidy Your Thoughts

So you’ve decided you want to make a new avatar. This can be simple or especially complex depending on the individual. Maybe you already have an idea of how you want to look, or you may only know that you dislike your current avatar. Perhaps it feels outdated in spite of having a style you adore. Maybe the newest products have caught your eye. But where do you even start?

This is part 1 of the 5 part series Making A New You.

What Type Of New Avatar Do You Want?

Imagine your new avatar. Don’t worry about how complex or expensive it may be just yet, we’ll handle that in Part 2. You don’t need to be too specific if you don’t want to be, we’ll get to the details later. Ponder over this list if you need a place to start:

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Bento: What It Is and Why You Should Be Excited

If you keep up on Second Life chatter you’ve the term Bento tossed around for months now. But what is it exactly? Why is everybody so eager to see it in motion? And most importantly, why should you care?

Project Bento

No, it’s not the food packing craze! Project Bento is Linden Lab’s update to the avatar skeleton in Second Life. It adds new joints, bones, and attachment points so creators have more options when designing content. This allows for smoother movement and greater customization of wings, hands, and faces. Creators have much more freedom using bento, though it’s also a more complex process. Thankfully as a consumer the most difficult part is selecting which product to purchase. A bento enabled viewer is required in order to see it in action. The latest Second Life and Firestorm viewers work nicely.

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