Shapes & Witches (Ft. Shei Shapes & Skins)

Shei Shapes & Skins has brought more goodies to Fashion Dazzle this month!

Yvanna & Nick

There are two exclusive shapes available at the Shei Shapes & Skins booth this month. Shown here is the lovely Yvanna. She’s made for LeLutka bento heads (shown here on Simone) and the Maitreya Lara body. When I first put her on I noticed she’s taller than what I usually wear. It was a fun change! She has a slender waist but it still feels very natural. I actually really like this shape!

Also available is Nick. She’s made for Catwa’s Catya head and the Maitreya Lara body. I do not personally have Catya so I wasn’t able to model Nick properly. Instead check out this promo image for an idea of how Nick looks.

Nick may work with other Catwa heads. I tried her on Lona, who has quite the underbite naturally, and it didn’t quite seem to do it for me. Grab the demo to try her on your Catwa head and see if you love how she looks!

Yvanna & Nick are available at the booth for L$199 each. They come with full mod versions as well so you can tweak them to fit your specific needs. I have no doubt I could make Nick work for me, however I didn’t want to blog an altered shape out of respect for Shei Shapes & Skins.

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7 Deadly s{K}ins October: Hunt, Mystery Box, and More!

October is here! 7 Deadly s{K}ins has a new group gift out, new discounts, and new events coming up! And just as a reminder, we’re going into our first full month with the three new skin tones introduced Sep 10.

Group Gift

October’s group gift isn’t a free skin this time, it’s free money. As a thank you for being a VIP group member you’ll be able to get L$400 in store credit. This way you can put it toward a skin of your choice.

To get your store credit simply wear your VIP tag and head to the store credit terminal at the female side of the store. This can be found on the wall to the right after you walk in from the front doors. You’ll see two terminals to the left of the info board. Just click on the right to get your credit.

We also have a group hunt this month! Sneak a peek at the skins available in the slideshow below.


Trick or Treat Store Hunt


30 pumpkins (some are tricks and some are treats) are hidden within the designated borders at the 7DS store. Treat pumpkins have male and female skins inside. Every pumpkin has a word. Collect all the words to make a Halloween poem. The first three people to complete the poem get store credit. The first gets L$1000, the second gets L$500, and the third gets L$250.

The Trick or Treat Store Hunt runs for group members only from October 1 – November 1. Make sure to pick up and review the hunt rules at the store before starting the hunt or chatting in the VIP group about it.

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Signature Dove’s October Events (Ft. Pink Ice Boutique)

Free Dove Friday: September 29, 2017

Since discovering The Free Dove, I’ve decided to showcase one look a week with items from the store. Welcome to Free Dove Friday!

This week showcases a sassy silver outfit from Moonstar.

Fast Facts On The Brand

  1. Moonstar
    • Clothing and hair
    • Products for women
    • Marketplace has a small selection of their products on display.

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One Hair + Three Skins = Three Girls (ft. 7DS & TRUTH)

It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of 7 Deadly s{K}ins and TRUTH; they’re in almost all of my posts! Today I want to show off a few of their products and show how you can get different looks without changing much.

The Basics

Every pic used today has almost identical products (all of which are credited at the end of the post). There is only one actual product that is different in each picture and that’s the skin. You’ll see the style and color of the hair changes. The hair itself isn’t being swapped out, it’s all controlled by HUD. The color of the bathing suit is adjusted the same way. The mesh parts and shapes are all the same. This is a great example of how different you can look with a new skin and hairdo.


This look is based around the Serika Omega applier from 7 Deadly s{K}ins. While it’s designed for LAQ (there’s a shape for sale too) I find that she works fine on my Catwa head as seen here. She’s available in eleven skin tones as seen below:

  1. Box 1
    • Caramel (shown here)
    • Cotton
    • Dew
    • Marshmellow
    • Sand
    • Snow
  1. Box 2
    • Caramel (shown here)
    • Coconut
    • Oak
    • Pineapple
    • Taupe
    • Walnut
Serika is available at anyBODY until September 30 at 8AM SLT.

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Fantasy Avatar: The Gryphon

Today’s Fantasy Avatar almost feels like cheating! Kinzart Kreetures sells a variety of furry avatars that look lovely right out of the box. The gryphon in this post was released a few years ago, before bento, and is seen exactly how she looks the first time you put her on.

Prismatic Gryphon

The Gryphon comes in various colors ranging from realistic to playful. Shown here is the Prismatic version, one of the more vibrant selections. The Kinzart Vendor will allow you to preview all available colors so you can be confident before purchasing.

What’s In The Box?

You’ll find a full list of content in the image at the bottom of this section.

The left two columns show the items exactly as they are when you initially unpack the avatar (as well as what I’m wearing for this post in bold). It includes avatar components for males and females, an informational notecard, an update checker, and more.

The right column shows the unpacked “Extras” box. This box gives you various bodyparts so you can switch out beaks, tails, jaws, crests, legs, and ears. You can even make your gryphon into a hippogriff!

My favorite part of the Extras box is how diverse the items are. You can have lion ears, a horse tail, and a parrot’s beak. You can have a toucan jaw, hawk crest, and the lion feet. There are so many ways to make this avatar your own quickly and easily.

Note: The pieces can be copied and modified but cannot be transferred. 

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Free Dove Friday: September 22, 2017

Since discovering The Free Dove, I’ve decided to showcase one look a week with items from the store. Welcome to Free Dove Friday!

This week showcases a professional look by Artizana.

Fast Facts On The Brand

  1. Artizana
    • Offers fashionable attire for professional and cultural styles.
    • Has a selection for both men and women.
    • Their Marketplace location has over 1,000 products!

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Glamorous, Glistening Glint!

Glint always brings beautiful, versatile, and easy to use jewelry to Fashion Dazzle.

Lace & Gem Choker

This is my favorite piece from Glint to date, which is quite the achievement because I absolutely love their jewelry.

As is standard with much of their jewelry, this Fashion Dazzle exclusive comes with a customization HUD. The HUD has 9 options each for the lace and gem color. It also includes resizing tools and has easy links to the in world store, marketplace, and more info.

So why is it my favorite piece? The pendant is fully customizable! That’s right, any full perm texture you have can be used as the image in the pendant. It’s really easy to upload and use your own as I did here with my pretty little kitty cat.

The choker comes with an instructional notecard to teach you how to make this choker your own. If you have any trouble the creator, Rain, is always willing to help. I can attest to Glint’s fabulous customer service and wonderful products.

The Lace & Gem Choker can be purchased (practically stolen, honestly) for only L$50.


Other Goodies!

You have quite the selection at the Glint booth this month. There are five other jewelry sets ranging from L$50 – L$75 as well as a gift set available for only L$10! You can sneak a peek at some of them below.

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Hera: Fit For A Goddess (ft. LuLu)

LuLu has combined gems, feathers, and metal into a powerful statement piece for this month’s Fashion Dazzle.

The Hera Set

I’m a big fan of extravagant yet sexy outfits. The moment I put this on I KNEW it was totally my style.

The head and shoulder piece are bold yet detailed. The panties, nipple covers, and belly button gem highlight the beauty of the Maitreya body. The spiral cuffs accent the limbs and round out the look in the perfect manner. This is currently one of my favorite outfits.

Style Options

The styling options are broken into three materials: metal, gems, and feathers. The metal parts are made of either onyx, silver, or gold depending on which set you purchase. There is a selection of gems: azure, pink, onyx, or “opale”. My absolute favorite though, and what I believe makes each set so unique, is the feather detail! The feathers on the head and shoulders are either in dove white, crow black, or bright peacock colors.

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Free Dove Friday: September 15, 2017

A female second life avatar shows off her bright blue boots and crop top.

Since discovering The Free Dove, I’ve decided to showcase one look a week with items from the store. Welcome to Free Dove Friday!

This week showcases a cute outfit from Image Reflections.

Fast Facts On The Brand

  1. Image Reflections
    • Clothing and shoes
    • Products for women
    • Marketplace has nearly 100 items

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